Other Ways to Show your Support

What other ways can you show your support? Channel your inner Jenny!

  • Hug your dog

  • Pet someone else's dog

  • Mix strong cocktails. Share with a friend. Enjoy the expression on their face as they drink it as you keep a straight face.

  • Have friends over. Eat too much. Laugh too hard. Stay up way too late.

  • Give someone an afternoon of your time to help them out.

  • Find a bad pun in the form of a meme. Send it to a loved one.

  • Open your pantry. Choose five random ingredients. Cook an amazing meal.

  • Make some strong coffee. Drink a big mug of it. Repeat.

  • Buy a retired shuttle bus from an assisted living. Drive it cross country. Renovate it into your own RV. Take it to campout. Or a dog show.